For Severely Bleeding Wounds, Prepare the Victim for Treatment

Most people can handle cuts, scrapes, and puncture wounds without much trouble. But when wounds bleed severely, follow these emergency measures:
Call 911 or go to an emergency facility immediately.
Lay the victim flat on his or her back. If you suspect a head, neck, or back injury, don’ t move the patient.
Position the victim so the wound is higher than the heart to reduce blood flow.
If the victim is unconscious, check their ABCs:

- Lift the chin to open the Airway.

- Check for Breathing.

- Check for Circulation – a pulse.
Watch for shock: Symptoms include weak, rapid pulse; shallow breathing; cold, clammy skin; confusion or loss of consciousness.
Remove any visible objects from the wound, if this can be done easily; but not objects that are stuck or embedded in the wound – especially in the chest or back. Do not probe the wound.

When medical help arrives, report the findings from your own observations and examination.

Many mishaps occur at home, work so it is important to be ready and to protect your children, family and friends. Obtain reliable and appropriate industrial first aid kit from a large variety of specialize supplies.