In this article, we will explore how certain foods can keep bacteria away, as well as give you a bright and shiny smile.

Which foods have the best effect on your teeth?

Everyone knows some foods harm our teeth. When we consume products that are high in carbohydrates or sugar, nasty bacteria forms on our teeth. They feast on any food that is left behind and in doing so, they produce the acid that is the reason tooth decay occurs. Knowing this, were you aware that some foods can help your body eliminate these bacterial invaders? You read this correctly; the foods you enjoy can keep the harmful bacteria away while providing you with the healthiest teeth. The result is that you are depriving them of their food source, while giving yourself a healthy and attractive smile.

Celery is a great food to kill the bacteria that lives in your mouth. Celery is not just healthy for your body, but helps stimulate saliva production by the chewing action. The bacteria that are bad are being eliminated when saliva is produced within your mouth. While celery doesn’t taste very good, you might want to try having it for a snack in lieu of potato chips because potatoes produce the most plague that appeals to bacteria. The high water content in celery also assists in washing out your mouth while you enjoy eating it, serving as a natural toothbrush!

You may be surprised to learn that onions and shiitake mushrooms are effective in getting rid of bacteria. Eating a raw onion is quite beneficial, as it releases chemicals that help kill bacteria that can destroy your teeth. You may end up suffering from halitosis but the pluses of acquiring a healthy set of teeth well outweigh the need to cure bad breath by chewing on some gum. Another food that works by a similar mechanism are shiitake mushrooms. Even though they don’t destroy the bacteria, they prevent them from manufacturing plaque which, left untreated, causes decay and pain.

Cheese is a delicious choice, and helps keep your teeth healthy as an added bonus. Cheese can produce added saliva which can get rid of the bacteria that reside in your mouth. Another benefit of cheese is its ability to fight stains from occurring on your teeth. It is a protective shield for the enamel on your teeth and thus it prevents staining.

A lot of people worldwide report that their teeth get stained and discolored. Delicious options like strawberries and oranges provide an excellent and natural way to whiten your teeth and keep your mouth clean and fresh. On alternating days, you can clean your teeth and mouth with strawberries, as well as using an orange rind to assist in cleaning. There are products like teeth gel, but you have to ask yourself if the side effects and trouble are really worth it. It can be much simpler and safer at times to search for items you may have in your home that can take care of your teeth.

You should be pleased to know that some of your favorite foods may actually be healthy for your body, and particularly your teeth. You might not want to eat uncooked onions but the advantages are worthwhile. With so much research and information at our disposal, we can learn about the most effective means of keeping our teeth healthy and white. By consuming these foods, you provide yourself with a pleasing way to clean your mouth and teeth. Given we all need to consume food, why not partake of items that will help out your mental status, physical body and teeth?