But some survivors of physical or sexual abuse or trauma experience pseudoseizures, as do some people with dissociative disorders (most of whom report histories of severe abuse or trauma). Survivors may be experiencing flashbacks to past trauma, possibly even torture, in which they convulsed. (In such cases, the pseudoseizures might be an unconscious reenactment of the past convulsions.) In an individual with a dissociative disorder, internal fighting for control of the body by dissociated aspects of the self may seem like a seizure.

Your wife should have already received a thorough neurological workup. If questions still remain — including the possibility of any psychological condition, including Munchausen’s syndrome — I’d recommend a thorough psychological evaluation as well. You may want to consult with a psychologist or other mental health professional experienced in the assessment and treatment of abuse and trauma survivors, to make sure any possible dissociative condition can be diagnosed or ruled out. Such a psychological evaluation may provide additional treatment recommendations.

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