Treatment is conducted in real-time, in the activity of working out and not within the four walls of a traditional therapy setting. If possible, the talk portion of the particular session takes place on the spot, on the gym floor. (The Training Ground, the home of Fitness Therapy, is a private personal training gym that allows a maximum of five clients, each with a personal trainer, on the floor at any one time.) If there is a need for more privacy, the client and therapist-trainer will relocate.

There are times when the talk-therapy is all or most of the session. As in any therapy, the skill of the practitioner and the relationship between the therapist and client are paramount to the treatment. Normalizing the unorthodox surroundings is established early on and the boundaries of therapist/client are less rigid, yet professional. It would usually be unrealistic for a client to expect this kind of psychotherapeutic help from a trainer and unethical for a trainer to Îplayâ therapist with her client. As a practitioner who is both trainer and therapist, the issues can be addressed and worked though, while clinical confidentiality can remain intact. Top of page

Emotional Eating

During the workout you may be able to work through emotional issues that might otherwise be sublimated into eating. Since most people who use food for self-soothing are intolerant of uncomfortable emotions, addressing them there and then, with professional assistance, insures the work will not be diluted by the practical limitations of the typical workout session. Top of page


Whether you are be clinically diagnosed according to the DSM IV as a compulsive eater, or are simply a victim of societal pressures causing cycles of restrictive eating and bingeing, you can benefit from Fitness Therapy™. Approximately 20% of all obese adults are eating disordered (compulsive overeaters or binge eaters) but many of the non-disordered experience negative feelings and behaviors associated with being out of control. As you learn the facts about weight and health, and not what the diet industry spews, you can abandon the prison of low self-esteem that’s based on body size. Enhancing your improved positive outlook with a program of physical fitness provides a basis for life-altering changes and robust health. Top of page