Question: When it comes to losing weight and getting fit, what time of the day is better to do my daily workout? Morning or night? I get different answers all the time, and I just want to know what is the “right” time?

Answer: The right time work out is the time that is most convenient for you and the time that is most likely to assure consistency. There is no really “right” or “wrong” time to work out though the debate continues in some circles.

Some believe that metabolism plays a part. They advocate working out first thing in the morning as it revs up the metabolism for the remainder of the day and helps burn calories. Some say work out first thing in the morning before putting a bite of food in your mouth and you’ll burn up the glycogen stores in your liver. Others advocate working out at night just before dinner so you can prepare for the calories you take in at dinner, typically more than at any other meal for most Americans. Still others advocate a workout after the evening meal to burn the calories accumulated during the day.

We think the difference in calorie burning is negligible. The most important ingredient in working out and keeping fit is consistency. What is convenient for you will work the best in the long run because you’ll keep doing it.

Establish a set pattern and stick with it, as nearly as is possible. Consistency and perseverance are what produce results more than any degree of metabolic change. So hang in there at whatever time of day you choose but DO choose a time!