Physical Freedom

We help you to experience your body in a positive way, not as a physically pained, emotionally alienated enemy. The ability to move about freely and with confidence and to feel physically in command of oneself is a pleasure some people have never known. Being overweight by a hundred pounds ö or even by a few pounds ö has emotional as well as physical consequences that Fitness Therapy strives to address. Many diseases associated with obesity are symptoms of inactivity and lack of exercise, not of the obesity itself. Yet, many overweight persons feel unwelcome and intimidated in the active world of fitness and sports.

Emotionally, eating disorders are isolating and involve distorted images of body and self. In conjunction with negative stereotyping and oppression from society which adds daily stress, it is a wonder that anyone suffering from compulsive eating and obesity is able to function, become successful, and feel entitled to the space they take up on this earth.

This is especially true for those of the smallest minority, the morbidly obese (weighing at least 100 pounds above ideal weight). Top of page

Phone and E-mail Support

Behavior changes are difficult. Youâll need support. Reaching out when youâre in need is encouraged. Asking for help can be very hard, not asking in the past may have led to isolation, depression and unhealthy coping. Your connection to your Fitness Therapy professional is only a phone call or click away.

Writing is a valuable tool when striving for change. You may have questions, or want to make a comment or report a new goal achieved. All lines of communication are encouraged and welcome.