The writers at Y&R must all be sitting around thinking, “let’s add some drama to the Sharon and Nick baby story”. And what kind of drama do you think they are adding? Having Nick and Sharon agonize over whether or not they think the baby could be Matts’!!!!!! Of course the fans know, or believe they know that this is absolutely not possible. But soaps have a way of turning the impossible into the possible with just the stroke of a pen.

Fans remember that Matt drugged Sharon at her home and was attempting to undress her when Nick arrived just in time, or so we were led to believe. Then when Matt had Sharon at the cabin, Victor arrived before anything happened. Both times fans never saw or were shown any indication that Matt was successful in his attempts to rape Sharon. But Sharon is a little fuzzy on the night of the drugging, she doesn’t exactly remember what really happened. And Matt made a point of planting the seeds of doubt into Nick’s head about what did or didn’t happen with Sharon.

So you have both Nick and Sharon not exactly sure what happened and now they are faced with a pregnancy that is revealed to be several months along. Going back to say around the time of the drugging. Most of the mail I have gotten on this storyline “twist” has been completely negative. Fans are outraged that the show would try and make them believe that something happened that they didn’t see on screen and were led to believe never happened.

But soaps have long used the “this happened off screen” plot device to surprise the fans and add drama to their storylines. This may be exactly what they have planned for this storyline as well. Of course, they could also just write it where Sharon and Nick have months of torture until the baby is born and tested and it is revealed to have been Nick’s all along. Fans should know by now how the show loves to torture Nick and Sharon, it seems to be their main storyline.

I really hate to see them tortured some more, but I would not enjoy even more if the show decided to say that something happened between Matt and Sharon off screen. Those are the kinds of storylines fans really dislike. Let’s just hope the writers realize that too.