After three kids, years of being overweight and tons of yo-yo diets, I finally got serious and made the commitment to lose weight! I decided that I would eat a healthy diet, begin exercising and take nutritional supplements to get me started! But with so many choices of supplements, herbs, vitamins and minerals on the market today, I was confused and didn’t know where to begin. When it came down to searching for the right supplements, I found it was a matter of separating hype from truth. Then one afternoon, a channel “surf” led me to Body By Jake’s ThermoBurn Fat-Fighting System. I haven’t felt the same way since!

After much research, I found that the ingredients in Body by Jake’s ThermoBurn are exactly what I was looking for to give me the maximum benefit and assistance in achieving my weight-loss goals. The ThermoBurn formulations are scientifically designed to work together. It contains Citrimax to curb my appetite and Chromium Polynicotinate to reduce my sugar cravings and increase my lean body mass. The Chitosan is an extraordinary fat binder and when combined with Citrimax, its fat binding capabilities are exceptional. Lipotropics have been added to mobilize fat so that it can be burned as energy and L-Carnitine delivers fat to the part of the cell that burns fat — so it can burn fast! Body by Jake’s ThermoBurn Fat Fighting System also contains 100% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for most vitamins and minerals and antioxidants, which I think is really important. Nowhere else have I have been able to find all this in just one formula!

In the past, I’ve tried other weight-loss products that contain Ma Huang, caffeine and other stimulants, but they made me nervous, jittery and irritable. ThermoBurn didn’t affect my central nervous system, and I had more energy and more stamina than I ever had before. I really feel great!

The fact is that Body by Jake products put my mind at ease. Jake is a tried-and-true fitness authority known for his exceptional motivational abilities and his talent for making the task of keeping fit seem simple and fun. His products are safe, tested and of the highest quality and purity. The Body By Jake brand is committed to quality and excellence. That is why they offer a 30-day, money-back, satisfaction guarantee. I figured I couldn’t go wrong. There was very little risk involved.

Don’t get sucked into the hype! Body By Jake’s Thermo Burn Fat-Fighting System is a potent fat burning formula guaranteed to produce results.

The combination of ThermoBurn and Body by Jake as my personal trainer and advisor, suggesting exercise plans and healthful eating tips, I am well on my way to getting the body I have always wanted. You can do it too! Just remember: Don’t Quit! – I never will!