What are mothers doing and who is minding the kids? According to the nonprofit organization, Mothers At Home, the latest Census Bureau figures from 1997 are as follows:

In married couples with children under 18:

Total families: 26, 430,000
Moms employed: 74%
Moms employed full time: 40%
Moms employed part time: 34%
Moms not employed: 26%
In married couples with all children under age 6:
Total moms: 6,790,000
Moms employed full time: 36%
Moms employed part time: 37%
Moms not employed: 27%

Who is watching the 20 million kids under age 5? (1996 report using data from 1993) non-employed mothers: 50% mothers while on the job: 3% both parents doing tag team: 8%

dad: 2%
relatives: 12%
center-based care, like day care or nursery school: 15%
in-home day care: 8%
nanny: 2%