Ross and Katy are on their way off the show, but what a show they have put on for the fans.

Well I think that Tricia and vision Ross have just about reached the end of their great run on the show. After what happens in the next few days Tricia will not have any where else to go but a padded room I think. But what a run it has been.

When the character of Katy first started on the show she was a mousy, boring woman that a lot of fans did not want to watch. The rumors of her leaving the show started flying around at every turn. But she stayed on and the show decided to do some very drastic changes to her character.

Tricia started down the road of no return with the death of Richard. Lara knew in her heart that Katy had something to do with it but it was never proven and Katy remained out on the streets of Genoa City. Then along comes Ross and his plot to get back at the New mans. Katy was the perfect accomplice to his evil deeds.

Ross was killed but he came back very much alive in Katy’s mind and the two of them have made quite a pair. Katy has gone from plotting against the New mans on her own to plotting with a master manipulator in her mind. The two of them are very evil but very compelling characters to watch. But characters as evil as these two have to get what is coming to them sooner or later and I think they have reached that point finally.

The show is going to send Katy out with a bang but I think that she may yet come back at some point to cause trouble for the Newman clan again. Katy and Ross have made this story line compelling and interesting and have definitely made this past week an exciting one on the show.Characters like Katy and RossĀ are not redeemable in any way but they certainly make the show must see TV. It has been a great run for both of them and it may not be the end of these two yet.