What suggestions do you have for a 20-something couple with a small budget and a big need for some romance? We do the dinner-and-movie thing all the time, but we need some serious excitement! HELP!

Nightlife is overrated. Dinner-and-a-movie is the kind of generic, mass-market entertainment that never encourages couples to see themselves in a particular time or place. Watching “Titanic” in a multiplex on the moon is essentially the same experience as watching it in Houston, Texas.

Personally I like to customize my romantic assignations a bit more. I like them to reflect the atmosphere of the place or the season I’m experiencing.

For example: You live in Colorado. With the whole of the Rocky Mountains in your backyard, you shouldn’t be lacking for romantic spots to get away to for a weekend! Sure, it might break the bank to head off for Aspen or Vail, but it costs little more than gas money to spend an afternoon alone in a high meadow at Rocky Mountain National Park, sharing that bottle of wine you carried up the mountain and admiring the spring wildflowers.

Think of the time you spend with your beloved as a minivacation. Travel agents would certainly like us to believe that package fares to Paris and Tahiti are the best holidays. But we know better.