Sore bruised feeling (Arn, Bapt)
Aching bones (Eup-p)
Restless; > heat and motion (Rhus-t)
Pains are all < sitting
As if the nails would fly off (Apis) ...and it is probably more than an interesting coincidence that nearly all of the remedies which have falling off of the nails also stand in the front rank in Bright's disease (Boger).
As if he covered the whole bed.
As if crowded with arms and legs.

Loquacious (Kent).
Can talk and think faster than ever before; esp. during the fever.
Cannot tell whether dreaming while awake or asleep.
Active brain, making speeches and writing articles at night (Murphy).
Irritable, delirium and confusion of mind about his body and limbs (Bapt).
Sense of duality — see “as if crowded” above.
After the fever the hallucination persists that he is very wealthy and has a large sum of money in the bank: “Delusion, that he is very wealthy.”

Violent chill followed by heat and sweating.
Dry heat, marched aching of limbs, restlessness.
Great heat. Temperature around 106°F (41°C)
Great soreness and aching.
Pulse high, temperature not as high (pulse and temperature out of proportion to each other).
Extreme restlessness; > 1st motion (so he has to keep moving).
May be invaluable in any condition in which there is a septic focus and toxaemia or septicaemia, whether after tooth extraction, in peritonitis, skin or urinary infection.
Toxaemia with discrepancy between pulse and temperature is a very reliable guide to Pyrogenium.

Face is pale, cold and ashen.
Cheeks red and burning hot.
Covered with cold sweat.
Face flushed from 15-16h up to midnight.
Face and ears red as if blood would burst through.


Coldness and chilliness, no fire would warm.
The Pyrogenium patient is sensitive to cold to quite a degree; uncovering or putting the hand from under the covers makes the patient worse or causes sneezing. This distinguishes it from Lach and compels comparison with Hep, Nux-v and Rhus toxicodendron.

Fever — lots of symptoms in materia medica. Swan went so far as to declare that Pyrogenium was indicated in all cases when the onset of fever was accompanied by pains in the limbs.
Foubister mentions that urging to urinate at the onset of fever is another feature of Pyrogenium