Olivia continues to ignore the very good advice of her family and friends regarding Malcolm and Nate. Even the advice of wise Aunt Mamie is dismissed faster than you can say no. What has gotten into this woman?

Olivia has been determined that Malcolm would not see Nate. She has alienated her friends and family and caused tension between Malcolm and Neil. Why is she being so stubborn about this? Just because her relationship with Malcolm did not work out does not justify her keeping him from Nate.

This week Olivia tells Nate that he will not be seeing Malcolm anymore after Aunt Mamie walks in with all of his things from Malcolm’s house. How exactly did she think he would react? Nate is shocked, angry and in disbelief over what has happened to his world and he will be taking it out on Olivia.

Aunt Mamie tried to reason with her, explain that she had to change her mind and let Nate see Malcolm. But Olivia acted like Mamie was out of her mind. I think the only one with questionable sanity is Olivia. If Malcolm were some lunatic or abusive to Nate then she would have a point. But just because Malcolm doesn’t want her doesn’t mean he doesn’t love and want Nate. Olivia’s 2 + 2 are just not adding up to 4.

I am not sure who or what will be able to change her mind but I think that she has made a grave error where Nate is concerned and he is going to make her pay for it. I predict that there will be some very troubled times ahead for young Nate and unless Olivia wakes up and sees the error of her ways she could be in for a lot of heartache.

How will this affect her relationships with Mamie and Neil? Will Nate ever forgive her for what she has done? Is this a lead up to a break down of some kind for Olivia? Only time will tell, but for now this physician needs to heal herself and quick.