For recreational pursuits, you can visit the La Vida Health Club, the Dig Site pool with it’s Mayan theme and water slide, any one of three quiet pools, the playground, either of two arcades, the marina (for boat and bike rentals), the nature trail, or the volleyball court. A gift shop and hair salon (Casa de Belleza) round out Coronado’s offerings.

A Room in Ranchos, Building 6B

Our particular stay yielded a room in the Ranchos section of the resort. Many others would agree that this is the most well themed area of the resort. We adored our upper level, corner room here.

The room was furnished in a Southwestern style with such deep colors as wine, turquoise, and burnt orange. This 314 square foot room came equipped with a table and two chairs, two double beds (extra long in length), an armoire (to hold the television set), and a nightstand.
Recreation Impressions

We enjoyed all aspects of this resort, and we took as much time as possible to explore this resort. The marina offers bike, surrey, and boat rentals. We enjoyed one half-hour of pure laughter as we rode our surrey throughout the resort’s grounds. I would highly recommend a surrey rental to anyone.

The pool area has one of the prettiest themes I have ever seen. I enjoyed the Mayan theme, the large hot tub (holds over 20 people!), and the cute playground area. The area also holds many lounge chairs for relaxing poolside.
Dining Impressions

We also thoroughly enjoyed many hearty meals at the Pepper Market food court. I think this is the best food court on site, hands down. Pepper Market features a unique set up of various food stations “peddling” their foods. The majority of the items are prepared per order as you look on. Hence, I found the food to be exceptionally fresh, plentiful, and tasty.

As a picky eater, I also relished in the variety of different offerings here. In addition, my husband insists I mention their burritos. He claims they serve the best burrito he has ever had. I cannot comment on the burritos, but I will attest to some other wonderful dishes here (like the banana topped waffles!).
Transportation Impressions

The only mode of Disney transportation here is via bus. There are three different bus stops situated in each of the themed areas. Depending on your building location, your particular bus stop could be quite a hike from your room’s location.

Overall Impressions and Comments

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give rate this resort as a 7. It was pretty, clean, and had numerous recreational offerings. The theming is rich, and the area is very charming. I enjoyed the “quietness” of this resort. Having a more adult clientele definitely gives this resort a different feel than say staying at Port Orleans. However, I feel singles, couples, and/or families could all find their niche in this resort.