Looking for a resort with a south-of-the-border feel, a Mayan pyramid, and that’s set around a lake? You’ve found it! Take a look at what Michelle has to say about the Coronado Springs Resort in this first-hand review of another of Disney World’s themed resorts.

First off, let me say I feel this resort unjustifiably receives a bad “rap.” Yes, there is a large convention center on property; but no, it does not make it feel too “business-like.”

When my husband I stayed there, we had an absolutely lovely time. We would highly recommend this resort to anyone. With that said, let me tell you what this resort can offer in terms of amenities, theming, recreational and leisure activities, and overall atmosphere.
The Resort

The biggest difference I noticed in this resort, as compared to other Walt Disney World Resorts, was its adult and/or business traveler following. During our particular stay (late October-early November), we noticed very few families. We encountered either single adults on business travel or couples on vacation.

This resort is very large and very spread out. There are 13 separate buildings available for lodging. These buildings are decorated in one of three different themes: casitas, ranchos and cabanas. Each themed area features a different style of building (such as the actual architecture of the structure), different landscaping techniques, and even a different “feel.” The buildings are all set up around Lago Dorado, or a lake in the center of the resort.

* The casitas are this resort’s “city-like dwellings.” Thus these buildings sit closest to the center of resort, aka: El Centro. The casitas also offer the closest proximity to the convention center. They are built out of pastel colored stucco. In keeping in this theme, you can sit by a beautiful water fountain in a courtyard.

* The ranchos are considered to be a bit more rustic and rural. Their structures are faceted from adobe and wood.

The landscaping is particularly well themed in this section of the resort, as it is full of red rocks, cacti, and small river streams winding about. Although their location is not close to El Centro, they are particularly close the main pool, the Dig Site.

* The cabanas are this resort’s “beach-like” dwellings. They are situated closest to the Lago Dorado and marina area. The buildings are painted in rich, vibrant colors with tin roofs perched atop each. The cabanas’ location makes them central to both the Dig Site and El Centro.