I would say you are a success story! Despite your work and family demands, you still manage to exercise on a regular basis. Six days — that’s fantastic! You may not have kept a log, but you know the sessions were solid, as you say, and that’s what matters most.

The best part of all is that you are reaping the rewards. Your efforts are paying off. Congratulations on losing weight — you deserve some new, smaller clothes! Not only do you look better, but you feel better, too.

That’s great that you have such a positive attitude about the program and your part in it. I think that’s what is getting you to exercise even when you are being pulled in many other directions. As long as the weight training is working for you, then continue as you have been. If you want to revamp the routine in a few weeks, it will be easy to do. Improved strength will definitely come in handy when playing with your kids.

Whatever we adults can do to stay young will serve us well as parents. Being fit allows us to keep up with active children while also serving as a healthy role model for them.

Keep up the good work, Leigh. Hopefully next week will be less hectic.

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