Armand, I appreciate your concern about the exercise program I am trying. I fully concur that the program is designed to build muscle. I have become interested in weight training as a road to overall fitness and have no intention of becoming muscle bound. The weights I am using are light and the rep pattern fits the same type of variation I perform on the treadmill. If in a couple of weeks I am not pleased with the results, I will discontinue it. So far I have seen only toning. These are from the training you designed as well.

Any added strength I may gain will come in handy in the pool with the children. Last week I completed six days of exercise, three days of aerobics and three solid days of weight training. I feel good about the program and myself

My best regards to you both, I hope your weeks go well.

Sharon’s Reply

Dear Leigh,

“This is not a diet, just the way I eat now,” is music to my ears! You no longer need external controls, such as “diet coaches” and menu plans to help you lose weight. You have learned to listen to your body and eat healthier. In fact, when you skip meals and overeat, or eat too much fat, your body doesn’t like it. You managed the weekend retreat very well. I am proud!

Yes, preparation and scheduling are basic habits that make healthy eating and exercise happen. When you have all these things in place, it becomes more obvious when you are eating emotionally. Just recognizing that you are using food for comfort can reduce the caloric impact. And, with your mature attitude about weight loss, you will find a way to balance out the extra calories from the emotional eating.

Yes, your body is good and the only one you’ve got! Take care of it!

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