I have dropped the food journal and exercise journal. The good news is I have not dropped the new habits. I am looking slim and toned. My under garments are baggie. My clothes are looser and fit better. I lost 2 pounds last week. I am now wearing one jeans-size smaller.

I had a huge success this weekend. I was out of town for the weekend at my annual cropping retreat. There were decadent baked goods galore. The food at the meal was not necessarily prepared to my new guidelines. The only baked good I ate in its entirety was a piece of banana nut bread. The other two treats I tried hit my taste buds as way too sweet and went in the trash. I constantly passed the table of sodas and drank my water. At lunch I ate a fajita salad and skipped the sour cream, cheese, etc., with no regrets. This is the way I eat now. Not a diet. I listen to my body now. It is a good body and knows what it wants.

My taste buds, which are emotion driven, still have a tendency to conflict with my overall well-being. However, they are loosing their strength. Scheduling is still my biggest enemy. I still overeat at some meals because I have missed others.

I have followed your recommendations. I immediately incorporated more carbohydrates into my diet last week. However, now I take my bread and rolls with no fats except occasionally a small drizzle of olive oil.

The real test comes in a week and a half when I go on a two-week vacation.

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