Two of America’s funniest women took on new TV roles this week, and both bear watching.

“The Roseanne Show” debuted on a high note, with its host arriving onstage via cherry picker and tossing rose petals and photos of herself to a revved-up crowd. The syndicated show, scheduled pre-Oprah in many markets, is sometimes hilarious and sometimes embarrassing — just like the comic herself. Her first guest was Whoopi Goldberg, and the two launched into a lively tangle over the Starr report.

Roseanne’s show lost its lift, however, in a segment on young single moms: She asked three guests whether their predicament was “hard,” and they all replied — surprise! — yes. And the worst moments came at the close of the hour, when Sandra Bernhard yowled through an endless version of “I Am Woman.” (If feminism can survive that, it can survive anything.)

Goldberg made another debut Monday, as host on a revival of the goofy game show “Hollywood Squares.” Flexing her Rolodex, she lured Rosie O’Donnell and Rita Rudner to join her in the tic-tac-toe quiz; Sharon Stone and Antonio Banderas are rumored to be among future guests.

With Whoopi mocking herself as well as others, the show moves along at a fast pace. OK, so “Squares” is not as brainy as “Jeopardy,” but it’s not “Wheel of Fortune,” either — and it makes pretty good background noise when you’re sitting down with a glass of wine at the end of a hectic day.