Once you have taken the extra time to put the proper people in place, your attrition battle is not over. How do you keep them from leaving? Studies have proven that a primary reason for employee dissatisfaction is a feeling of being ill-prepared and improperly trained for the functions they perform.

Placing employees in a new position with a sink-or-swim training program can cause frustration for new employees, their coworkers and your members. Regardless of your need to get new employees into vacated positions, do not throw them in without the proper tools needed for success. You have taken the extra time to find employees who have the traits necessary for success, now you must give them the necessary knowledge to perform well in their positions.

Training. Make your training go beyond the specifics of individual job specifications. Satisfied employees have a comfort level with their company, and will be more likely to provide an elevated level of service to members when they have a working knowledge of the entire facility. If you do not currently have a new employee orientation, develop one immediately.

Show a new hire what it means to be associated with your club. Explain your new hiring format and how they were chosen for the position based on their positive traits and their ability to succeed in the position.

Consider implementing a departmental cross-training program for your employees. Have each new hire spend a little time with other departments in your facility learning the basic workings of each. The more tools you give your employees, the better their chances for success.