If you wish to have greater endurance in bed, but you don’t want to take medications or have surgery, you will be happy to know that there are a number of natural treatments for premature ejaculation. Within this article, there is some advice and tips on how to treat this commonly occurring problem.

1. Delaying ejaculation

The “squeeze method” is a very helpful tip to prevent premature ejaculation. Just when you think you are ready to ejaculate, pull away from your partner and firmly squeeze the tube underneath the bottom of the penis. This technique lets the blood flow away from the penis, which can stall the point of orgasm. When you first begin, you may feel uncomfortable stopping and starting during sex, but with practice, you can become an expert at the technique. Also you can masturbate if you are uncomfortable doing it while your partner is there.

2. Delay, or self-stimulate

Take note of the time generally required for your mate to reach climax. For instance, if it takes your mate 15 minutes to reach orgasm, practice masturbation for this amount of time. Just as you feel you are about to climax, stop and wait a short time and then start masturbating once again. Self-stimulation is a healthy, ‘normal’ means of averting this issue while developing greater stamina.

3. De-pressurize the situation

Foreplay can help you bring your mate to orgasm first. There are several ways to give your partner one or more orgasms, such as oral stimulation or sex toys. When you’re able to please your mate, it alleviates the pressure of sexual performance.

4. Be familiar with your own responses

Here is a tip you can use if you have a hard time realizing when you are about to ejaculate: Divide your sexual experience into four phases to help time yourself. There are actually 4 different phases, called stimulation, plateau, climax, and orgasm. Work on prolonging stage 2 in order to stall the 3rd and 4th stages. When you feel the momentum increasing during the second phase, slow down or stop right away. Doing so will extend the plateau period.

5. Do Kegels

Kegels are pelvic exercises usually done by women to strengthen their vaginal muscles. In addition, they are a helpful aid for guys, since they control the muscles involved in ejaculating. This works out the muscles involved when you stop urinating midstream. You will be able to last longer in bed when you are able to stop the flow of liquid from exiting your body.

6. Thrusting motions often hasten orgasm

Hip thrusts make it harder to regulate the moment of orgasm. The quicker you thrust, the more difficult it becomes to control. The most sensitive area of the vagina is the first two or three inches, so stimulating this area is more effective than deep penetration. Penetrating thrusts just encourage a quick climax.

7. Utilize natural aids and supplements

A number of natural supplements and herbal remedies are available that can assist you in delaying ejaculations. These formulas are time-tested combinations of very powerful herbs that have proven effective for treatment of premature ejaculation. Drugstores and health outlets typically offer an array of helpful products that could be useful for you.

8. Better luck the second time

Having sex multiple times in one evening is helpful when one is trying to overcome premature ejaculation. If you are too quick on your initial round, the second round will produce more endurance and a longer lasting session. Once the tension has already been released, it will take more time to create more semen to achieve orgasm.

9. Use the female superior position

Utilizing this position can help you delay ejaculation, because your penis receives less stimulation in this position than it does in other positions. This will give you more control and enable you to be able to take your time and postpone ejaculation.

10. Don’t look ahead to the outcome. Focus on the process.

Even though men are always conditioned to pursue the goal of ejaculation, remember that getting there is half the fun. Pleasure, not orgasm, should be the goal of love-making or self-stimulating. When you initiate sex or self-stimulation with orgasm on your mind, it happens quicker. Focus on prolonging the pleasurable sensations of love-making rather than making it all about orgasm.