A combination of three drugs in Fioricet work to offer tension headache relief. Fioricet contains Acetaminophen which works as an analgesia by stopping the body from making prostaglandins in the central nervous system. In addition, analgesia occurs by a peripheral motion of blocking pain impulse growth. Butalbital causes sensory cortex depression by limiting the conduction in the reticular formation at the rate of the thalamus.

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system by preventing phosphodiesterase from forming. This, in turn, increases the accumulation of c-AMP (cyclic adenosine 3’5′-monophosphate). Fioricet may inhibit the medicinal effects of oral anticoagulants, corticosteroids, estrogens, griseofulvin (an anti-fungal drug), doxycycline, theophyllines, quinidine, and beta-adrenergic blockers. The poisonous effects of methoxyflurance may rise with Fioricet. If Fioricet is taken the same time as hydantoins or sulfinpyrazone, there is more of a possibility for hepatotoxicity. When combined with alcohol or other CNS depressants there is a risk that Fioricet can become addictive.

Fioricet might not be appropriate for you if you are hyper sensitive to any part of Fioricet. The use of Fioricet should be carefully monitored in people with any head injury, severe hepatic or renal impairment, Addison’s disease, hypothyroidism, and prostatic hypertrophy or urethral stricture or who have increased pressure inside their head.

You might get dizzy, drowsy or lightheaded from Fioricet. Because Fioricet can cause one to feel lightheaded, it should be used with caution when operating machinery, driving or when you are in other situations that require mental alertness. You should not drink alcohol when taking Fioricet. Fioricet might be taken with food or milk if you have an upset stomach otherwise. You should keep Fioricet away from children and out of the sun, and store it in a cool, dry area. Fioricet should only be taken under close supervision by a physician, since it can be addictive. Use Fioricet according to the prescribed time, at the dosage prescribed, and no more than it is prescribed.

Used appropriately, your tension headaches and migraines should be helped. Ask your doctor to give you another type of medicine if you think Fioricet is not working for you.