Alpha hydroxy acids, or AHAs, are commonly used in beauty products and cosmetics to rejuvenate or refresh the skin. They have become extremely popular among women looking to keep their skin looking younger.

Unfortunately, experts say they could do more harm than good to your skin, so beware. The US Food and Drug Administration warns that products such as skin peels that contain AHAs can cause skin irritations and even burns.

More commonplace uses of AHAs are what have doctors worried however. Researchers say the hidden danger of alpha hydroxy can be found in cosmetics. Women may be unaware the cosmetics they’re using contain AHAs and could be putting their skin at risk. These products can make the skin more sensitive to the sun and susceptible to radiation known for causing skin cancer. It’s important to read your cosmetic labels carefully and to only use products with adequate labeling to find out if you are putting alpha hydroxy acids on your face.

To cut down the risk of damage, experts recommend users of cosmetics containing AHAs take extra precaution and make sure to always put on sunscreen before leaving the house. For more information on AHAs, consult with your dermatologist.