Maybe It Isn’t A School Problem

What about encouraging students to bring their own lunches from home? Not a great idea. Every last teacher we consulted wholly agreed with Bebell: “Often what kids bring from home is less nutritious than the school lunch — though the kids may like it better. Read the rest of this entry »

Herbal – Drug Interactions

If you have your daily coffee and are on the pill, you should perhaps, try some light brews.
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Welcome to the Real World. Post 2


But maybe things aren’t as grim as they first appear.
A few years ago, a graduating senior could stumble upon a good job more easily than she could stumble across a drunken person at a frat party. So she didn’t need to carefully examine all her options and question her passions and values. There would be time for that later. A few years down the line it would be possible to think through career paths, skip from gig to gig, and eventually settle into something relatively satisfying. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to the Real World. Post 1

Diplomas. Mortar boards. Champagne. Beaming parents. The “real world,” wide open and full of possibilities. And … unemployment.

I remember being a freshman in college and hearing about the wonderful world of glamorous post-graduation jobs. It was the fall of 1999, the peak of the America’s seemingly unending economic boom. Starry-eyed and completely nai”ve, I watched as consulting firms and investment banks, bursting at the seams to hire students, flooded the Dartmouth campus. The annual recruiting rush was a tradition at Dartmouth. Read the rest of this entry »

Read these facts about Cialis.

What if someone would like to use Cialis but cannot find a source to tell them about this medication — would they be interested in it and want to take it?

Be sure to read these facts:

I. What symptoms does Cialis treat?

Cialis is used to treat problems with achieving and maintaining an erection, also known as impotence.

II. How does Cialis work?

Cialis works during sexual arousal by increasing the chemicals important for achieving and maintaining an erection. The result is an increase in blood flow to the penis. An erection is caused by increased blood flow to the penis.

III. How is Cialis different from similar products used to treat erectile dysfunction?

The primary difference between Cialis and the similar ED medications is that Cialis’ effects persist longer. Certain differences between the safety and efficacy of Cialis and similar treatments have not been adequately studied.

IV. How should Cialis be administered?

You should take Cialis by mouth just before intercourse, but avoid taking it more than once daily. You do not have to have a meal prior to taking it. Some men can use Cialis effectively on a different dosage schedule. You should always talk to your doctor about this.

V. Are there any side effects from taking Cialis?

As with any other medication, side effects may be noted. The most frequent side effects are: headaches, pains in your back, and muscles, stuffy nose or indigestion. These generally last for somewhere between 12 hours to a day. Some people have also experienced visual difficulties.
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