Keeping New Employees

Once you have taken the extra time to put the proper people in place, your attrition battle is not over. How do you keep them from leaving? Studies have proven that a primary reason for employee dissatisfaction is a feeling of being ill-prepared and improperly trained for the functions they perform. Read the rest of this entry »


“Nothing is so strong as gentleness; nothing is so gentle as real strength.”

This little saying (author unknown), which hangs in our home, illuminates the idea that real strength is more than brute force. Read the rest of this entry »

Stuffed Cards

What you’ll need:
Chinese New Year patterns
Tissue paper
8″ x 11″ construction paper
Glue Markers Read the rest of this entry »

The Right Place

Staff. “Conditions [of getting older]can be treated through physical activity,” says Douglas Ribley, director of the Akron General Hospital Wellness Center, where more than 50 percent of its8,000 members have some high-risk issue, making it paramount to hire staff that can serve the needs of older members.”Our members join us because of our staffs’ expertise in dealing with these conditions,” says Ribley. All Akron General employeesare required to have a minimum of afour-year exercise science degree. East Jefferson has a similar number of older members, and requires itsstaff to have a minimum of a bachelor’sdegree. Read the rest of this entry »

Are We There Yet. Part 2

Pack Heavy
When it comes to packing, forget the old “travel light” mantra of your younger years. Pack lots of extra shirts and underwear for the inevitable accident and a handful of plastic bags to carry damp toothbrushes and dirty clothes. Even a small child can learn to roll clothes to reduce wrinkling.

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Are We There Yet. Part 1

Enjoy Stress-Free Travel With Your Kids

Family vacations usually fall into two categories.

There are the ones that are the stuff of legend, yielding albums of photos and years of giggly reminiscing for one and all.

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Laugh Lines

Two of America’s funniest women took on new TV roles this week, and both bear watching.

“The Roseanne Show” debuted on a high note, with its host arriving onstage via cherry picker and tossing rose petals and photos of herself to a revved-up crowd. The syndicated show, scheduled pre-Oprah in many markets, is sometimes hilarious and sometimes embarrassing — just like the comic herself. Her first guest was Whoopi Goldberg, and the two launched into a lively tangle over the Starr report. Read the rest of this entry »

Choking Hazards for Children

A balloon is a seemingly harmless object of such great pleasure for young children.

Yet as quickly as that balloon can pop, a child can inhale it and that little piece of latex can seal off the lungs and stop the child from breathing. Balloons are one of the leading causes of death in children younger than age 5. Read the rest of this entry »

Quality Management Series Post 2

Illustration C

To determine where the errors are being made, a flow chart of the billing process was prepared and evaluated. (See Illustration D)
Flow charts help visualize the flow of a process, step-by-step. This evaluation led to the conclusion that most of the errors were occurring between the creation of the quote and the creation of the sales order. Preventative measures were put in place and work began on a way to automate this function. By automating this function many errors and the double effort will be eliminated, which will reduce costs and increase profits and most importantly, customer satisfaction. Read the rest of this entry »

Quality Management Series Post 1

Total quality management, Deming, Six Sigma, ISO 9000……why so much talk about quality management? With computers, instant communication and the move to global markets via the World Wide Web, quality has become a competitive edge. It has also become one of the tools to lower cost and increase profits. But what is quality? Quality is whatever one perceives it to be and in your business the “one” that matters is the customer. Read the rest of this entry »