Supercharge Your Diet!

After three kids, years of being overweight and tons of yo-yo diets, I finally got serious and made the commitment to lose weight! I decided that I would eat a healthy diet, begin exercising and take nutritional supplements to get me started! But with so many choices of supplements, herbs, vitamins and minerals on the market today, I was confused and didn’t know where to begin. When it came down to searching for the right supplements, I found it was a matter of separating hype from truth. Then one afternoon, a channel “surf” led me to Body By Jake’s ThermoBurn Fat-Fighting System. I haven’t felt the same way since! Read the rest of this entry »

Keeping Elderly Patients Active, Part 2

Koltyn first did a pilot study in Texas using hand and ankle weights with the elderly. Among those who did the exercises, she found a significant increase in physical functioning and a decrease in pain in the course of doing daily activities. She then decided to look more closely at what was available to people in long-term care facilities and how much they actually participate in those programs — an effort she hopes will lead to more funding and maintenance of programs for older adults. Read the rest of this entry »

Keeping Elderly Patients Active, Part 1

On a recent visit to the nursing home to see my 90-year-old mother, I brought a new blouse for her. It was wrapped and taped in tissue paper. As I handed it to her, I had to resist the temptation to rip off the paper, smooth out the blouse and hold it up for her to see. Read the rest of this entry »

What to Expect From Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy(MD) encompasses a wide range of diseases with distinct characteristics that are diagnosed from birth until adulthood. The following are a few. Read the rest of this entry »


Roseola is sometimes called the “baby measles” because it occurs most often between 6 months and 2 years. Caused by a strain of the herpes virus, Roseola has some alarming symptoms: Read the rest of this entry »

Palpitations Recognizing the Symptoms

While minor, infrequent episodes of irregular heartbeat are usually nothing to worry about, it is important to know the signs and symptoms of palpitations in case the changes in your heartbeat become more frequent and seem to last longer and longer. Read the rest of this entry »

AWHP Becomes Part of ACSM

On Oct. 5, 2011, a vote by members of the Association for Worksite Health Promotion (AWHP), Northbrook, Ill., approved a resolution to dissolve AWHP as a legal entity and distribute the remaining assets to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). AWHP will transition from a stand-alone organization to a community within ACSM. Read the rest of this entry »

Healthy Competition

Especially if it involves teamwork, sometimes good old fashioned competition can offer a healthy boost. Take the Ultimate Fitness Challenge, organized by the US Healthcare corporate fitness center in Blue Bell, Pa. By creating a contest to determine “The Most Fit Department,” the company was able to garner a 40 percent participation rate among 1,300 employees, and introduce the benefits of exercise to 100 new exercisers who now make fitness part of their weekly routines. Read the rest of this entry »


You can modify the fair to fit your organization’s needs. For instance, you could invite speakers to give presentations, on the hour, on topics related to wellness. You could have more than one organization representing a topic at the fair. You could form a wellness task force comprised of people to help plan and run the fair. You could charge a fee. You could send out evaluation forms afterward to all attendees, or you could hold other “speciality topic fairs” such as a parenting fair or a sports and recreation fair.

We just held our first sports and recreation fair last May in honor of National Employee Health and Fitness Day. We had just as much interest in this fair as we did our wellness fairs. We now plan to hold a sports and recreation fair every spring and a wellness fair every fall for our employees.


Here is a general timeline you can use to organize a fair for your employees:

Three months prior. Gain approval from management, and either form a committee or decide the details on your own. Decide your budget, where to hold the fair, whether attendees will be charged, who will be invited, when to have the fair, and whether to have exhibitors, speakers or both.

Two months prior. Brainstorm a list of possible exhibitors and call them to determine interest. Send information letters after getting a commitment. Order any prizes to be given away.

One month prior. Start promoting the fair. Be creative. Keep calling community organizations until you obtain enough commitments. Ask your legal department if the attendees need to sign waivers for the screenings (e.g., cholesterol testing).

Two weeks prior. Send out maps and follow-up letters to committed exhibitors. Send names of exhibitors to graphics department to make signs. Continue promoting the fair.

One week prior. Give room set-up to corporate services. Contact cafeteria to serve food and refreshments. Contact security with names of exhibitors. Make sure you have everything you need (decorations, prizes, signs, enough tables, etc.). Keep promoting.

Day before. Call exhibitors to remind them about tomorrow’s fair. Remind cafeteria, security and corporate services about the fair. If space is available, decorate.

Day of the fair. Decorate if you haven’t already. Make sure all tables, chairs, VCRs, etc., are set up in the proper places. Put signs over each exhibitor’s table and give directions to bathrooms, phones, etc. Assist exhibitors with seating and be available for questions. Promote the fair to passer-by employees.

After the fair. Send thank you letters to fair exhibitors and all the people who helped with the event. Have extra information available for employees who missed the fair.

Anti Mugging Spray

Sadly we need to be prepared. Always carry FEELSAFE or wear it on a necklace or bracelet.

FEELSAFE is an obnoxious perfume which can be sprayed at an attacker. It stops him in his tracks and gives him what he deserves. Read the rest of this entry »