April’s Journal Week 13

I seemed to do a little better this week. I went back down a pound. I tried to be really accurate with my food journal this week, but I can’t remember what I ate on Thursday at all. The only real challenge that I had was on Saturday, when I was at a conference and was forced to eat what they served because there was only one choice on the menu. Other than that, everything went pretty well. Read the rest of this entry »

Dan’s Journal Week Two

This is going to be my shortest update. Last week it was extreme stress at work, and this week it’s extreme personal stress. The events in Littleton, Colo., have had an associated impact on my family’s life, catching us all off guard.

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Reducing Attrition with Group Exercise

Promoting feelings of ‘group’among new memberscan help you tominimizeexercise dropout and reap long-term benefits.

Just about every “bell and whistle” has been tried to prevent member dropout. It is a common belief that the right type of technology will magically transform peoples’ exercise experiences from difficult to rewarding and easy-to-maintain. Also common are incentive programs that attempt to “buy” exercise maintenance with rewards that vary from water bottles to jackets to money. Most prevalent, though, are the numerous methods used to promote “customer loyalty.” Read the rest of this entry »

METs and Monitoring Exercise Intensity

Q: Are METs better for prescribing and monitoring exercise intensity than target heart rate (THR) or ratings of perceived exertion (RPE)? Read the rest of this entry »

The Newbie Files: “Welcome to the Jungle”. Part 3

Part IV. Gym Etiquette
Respect others! This one seems obvious. In fact, perhaps every other item on this list stems from the concept of respect for others. We are all working hard trying to improve our physiques. It makes no difference if you are a competitive bodybuilder, or a middle-aged person trying to get in better shape, we are all in this together. Read the rest of this entry »

The Newbie Files: “Welcome to the Jungle”. Part 2

Part III. Using the Gym

Now that you’ve joined the gym, you need to know what to wear, what to bring and what to do once you get there. Since most all studio situations will give you detailed, personalized instruction, this section is mainly for the commercial gym, though parts can be applicable no matter where you work out. Read the rest of this entry »

The Newbie Files: “Welcome to the Jungle”. Part 1

Well, you’ve finally decided to get in shape. After driving by your local gym countless times without actually venturing inside, the time has come to put down your money, face your fears and get that body fit.

However, if you’re like most people new to the gym experience, it is highly likely you have no idea what should happen once you get inside that gym.

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