Chelation Therapy. Part 2

This mechanism is untenable for several reasons. First, since iron-generated free radicals are produced in all cells normally as they use oxygen in metabolic processes, removal of the iron would result in cell death. Second, it was found in 1956 that EDTA chelation of chemically reactive iron resulted in a tenfold increase in its ability to generate free radicals. Read the rest of this entry »

Chelation Therapy. Part 1

Proponents of alternative medicine advertised chelation therapy in the late 1950s as a means of removing calcium from the hardened residue called atherosclerotic plaque. The original explanation for how it worked was based on the total misunderstanding of the chemical nature of the plaque and how the arteries become clogged. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s Aromatherapy, Part 2

Physical Freedom

We help you to experience your body in a positive way, not as a physically pained, emotionally alienated enemy. The ability to move about freely and with confidence and to feel physically in command of oneself is a pleasure some people have never known. Being overweight by a hundred pounds ö or even by a few pounds ö has emotional as well as physical consequences that Fitness Therapy strives to address. Many diseases associated with obesity are symptoms of inactivity and lack of exercise, not of the obesity itself. Yet, many overweight persons feel unwelcome and intimidated in the active world of fitness and sports. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s Aromatherapy, Part 1


Treatment is conducted in real-time, in the activity of working out and not within the four walls of a traditional therapy setting. If possible, the talk portion of the particular session takes place on the spot, on the gym floor. (The Training Ground, the home of Fitness Therapy, is a private personal training gym that allows a maximum of five clients, each with a personal trainer, on the floor at any one time.) If there is a need for more privacy, the client and therapist-trainer will relocate. Read the rest of this entry »

Varicose Veins What Natural Treatments Can Help

The veins of the leg have the hard job of returning used blood to the heart. The movements of the legs act as a pump to push the blood upwards against gravity. Standing for many hours a day puts a special stress on them, as does being overweight or pregnant. Read the rest of this entry »

Pyrogenium Post 2

Sore bruised feeling (Arn, Bapt)
Aching bones (Eup-p)
Restless; > heat and motion (Rhus-t)
Pains are all < sitting
As if the nails would fly off (Apis) ...and it is probably more than an interesting coincidence that nearly all of the remedies which have falling off of the nails also stand in the front rank in Bright's disease (Boger).
As if he covered the whole bed.
As if crowded with arms and legs. Read the rest of this entry »

Pyrogenium Post 1


Doctor considers that Pyrogenium is related to Calcarea sulphurica. Calcarea sulphurica, she says, is given in some of the books, notably in Kent’s, as one of the great remedies for those cases where the seemingly indicated remedy does not act and for those cases which need to be followed with a deeper influence. Calcarea sulphurica for instance is one of the rare remedies which has hilarity in its mental make-up, particularly towards twilight at 6 p.m. Pyrogenium too, in its first stages, together with loquacity, has great gaiety. Read the rest of this entry »

Prior Cesarean Delivery May Increase Risk of Labor Complications

There used to be an old saying that “Once a Cesarean, always a Cesarean,” implying that natural birth after a Cesarean, or “c-section” delivery would be difficult at best. But is this really accurate?

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The Secret’s in the Sauce

What is it about tomato sauce that might prevent cancer?

Evidence is building that the secret ingredient might be lycopene. Related to beta carotene, it’s found in high levels in tomatoes and pink grapefruit. Lycopene seems to be a strong antioxidant and might have stronger anticancer effects than beta carotene.

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Are Detoxifying Foot Pads Work?

Are detoxifying foot pads work?

Some people will answer that differently.

If you consult with a physician working in a state health institution he or she will affirm that detoxifying foot pads are worthless.

It makes sense. These people do not care for anything involving alternative medicine. Actually, they disbelieve in anything related to natural type products. Read the rest of this entry »