Are detoxifying foot pads work?

Some people will answer that differently.

If you consult with a physician working in a state health institution he or she will affirm that detoxifying foot pads are worthless.

It makes sense. These people do not care for anything involving alternative medicine. Actually, they disbelieve in anything related to natural type products.

However, that is reasonable too. They are just defending their turf. They do not appreciate simple solutions that can be implemented instead of their expensive treatments. That is one key reason why serious diseases such as AIDS, cancer, and diabetes, will never be cured. Worldwide, the health and medical field has become more concerned with profits than in fostering good health.

However, non medical people have a completely different perspective.

Actual users of detoxifying foot pads report great satisfaction with them. It is almost beyond belief about the change in their sleep, energy supply, and full health.

Foot pads have also been tested in laboratories. A great number of lab records reveal lead, arsenic, mercury, nickel, aluminum, cadmium, and phthalates (spin-off products of plastic). Nonetheless, they came across only natural ingredients when they analyzed brand new patches.

This provides evidence that detoxifying foot pads do extract toxins from your body.

These tests can also be conducted by you. Have your blood tested and if the results show a high level of a particular substance, such as lead, have your blood re-tested after using the pads for a month and see if the levels of lead have decreased.

Non-believers say that sweat’s moisture changes the color of the pads. So, after using them for a few days, why does the color become paler and paler, and then clear? They become lighter because there are no more impurities being removed through the skin.

There is something else that’s important to remember. Detoxifying foot pads are also sold by CVS, the nation’s largest retail pharmacy, and Avon. Why would such well established companies be involved in a scam? Do you believe they would make sure of the product’s effectiveness before endorsing it?

Since doctors often recommend birth control and nicotine patches, and these have been proven to be effective, is it too difficult to believe that detox foot pads also work?

In reality, detoxification foot pads work as advertised. Give foot pads at least one try before you write them off.

However, there exists one essential issue that you must keep in mind at all times. There are cheaply made fakes that are of poor quality, and contain, in some instances, substances that are harmful.

You should buy only products that have been proven effective. Here is a list of excellent foot pads which consistently give effective results.