I seemed to do a little better this week. I went back down a pound. I tried to be really accurate with my food journal this week, but I can’t remember what I ate on Thursday at all. The only real challenge that I had was on Saturday, when I was at a conference and was forced to eat what they served because there was only one choice on the menu. Other than that, everything went pretty well. The only upcoming challenges I have next week will be Easter weekend. I know I’ll be traveling and will probably eat more than I should. We’ll see.

I also got in my exercise this week. I got in three sessions of walking. I tried to go right after work so I wouldn’t have time to get to comfortable at home on the couch and then flake out. I also got in a lot of exercise at work. We had a floor move at my part time job and on Sunday morning I was there for 7 hours doing a lot of walking around and lifting and carrying things all over the place. I also did floor changes for about 3 hours on Monday night. It was good because I felt like I was really doing something useful with my time. Hopefully my life will slow down a little bit more in the next couple of weeks so I can get back to kickboxing. That’s it for now.

Sharon’s Reply
Hi April,

It does look like you settled down and made good food choices this week. I did see an increase in the beer — seven this week. Those calories can add up, and women seem to hold onto alcohol calories readily. That is just my hunch. Try to keep the alcohol to 3 glasses a week.

You are making good snack choices, and have made some nice lower-fat meals. Don’t you wish you would have the time to always have the right food prepared? Think about shopping and planning ahead, so there are good leftovers in the frig. Are personal chefs popular where you are? In my area, these chefs come into your home and cook dinner every night, or prepare a healthy dinner and leave it for you. It is not outrageously expensive, either. Sounds decadent, but clever.

Have a pleasant holiday, and hold back on the chocolate!

Armand’s Reply


Despite your hectic week, you were able to get in three solid cardio sessions. If you know that next week — or any week — will be less hectic, use the extra time to make greater strides in your fitness. Try to get in four or more sessions; it’s time to “make hay!”

I’d like you to get back to your abdominal curls and push-ups, too. They aren’t time consuming, but they are very beneficial. Same with your stretches — you should be able to find the few minutes it takes to do them on a regular basis, even if it’s right before bedtime or when you get up in the morning.

Try to stay focused, April. Make exercise a priority! Good luck.

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