Sadly we need to be prepared. Always carry FEELSAFE or wear it on a necklace or bracelet.

FEELSAFE is an obnoxious perfume which can be sprayed at an attacker. It stops him in his tracks and gives him what he deserves.

He is too violently sick to continue his attack.

You have time to reach safety, and protect others in your care.
It is harmless and doesn’t cause injury. No medium / long-term effects. Synthetic, cruelty free, environmentally friendly.

FEELSAFE is now strongly recommended for:
Teachers with children in their care.
Families on outings or holidays.
Security officers on duty.
Anyone walking alone or living alone.
Anyone at risk through road rage or breakdowns.
Anyone journeying at night or in urban areas.
Anyonesuddenly in dire circumstances – sound alarms are not enough !