Your members who have already had one heart attack should know that staying active can significantly lower their risk of death or a second heart attack. According to a study released in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, people who kept physically active after a first heart attack had a 60 percent lower risk of having a fatal heart attack or a second nonfatal heart attack than those who did not stay active. Results held true even when gender, ethnicity, high cholesterol, smoking and other risk factors were considered.

The study involved 406 men and women who had survived their first heart attack. Participants were interviewed about the exercise habits they had before their heart attack, and then annually for the next two to seven years. People who had been active and who maintained or increased their activity level after a heart attack had up to an 89 percent lower risk of death than people who remained sedentary. Those who increased their activity also had a 78 percent lower risk of having a repeat heart attack. Even people who had been active before their heart attack, and then decreased their exercise level, had a 51 percent lower risk of death than those who were always sedentary.

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