Schizophrenia afflicts over two million people in the United States. According to available research, a chemical imbalance within the brain is the culprit that causes the problem. Schizophrenia is characterized by a number of symptoms that are directly related to one’s ability to relate to others, make decisions, deal with emotions, and think clearly. You should have a conversation with your doctor about Abilify if you are one of the numerous people in the country who suffers from schizophrenia.

Prescription drug Abilify can help decrease the quantity of symptoms that schizophrenics experience. For instance, Abilify may help you start to rekindle an interest in things that you used to enjoy. In addition, it can clear your mind so that you are not as confused, you do not have upsetting thoughts and you do not hear imaginary voices.

It is possible you will notice an improvement in how you feel in just one or two weeks when you take Abilify. But since each person is different and responds differently to medications, it is vital that you continue taking the medication even if you do not notice immediate results.

One great feature of Abilify is that you can treat your schizophrenia without having your schedule revolve around taking your medication. You only need to remember to consume one dose of the medication each day, leaving the rest of the day for you to do whatever activities you wish. Abilify is available as either a tablet or an oral solution. Abilify is available in 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 milligram tablets. The oral form of the medication is available in 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 milliliters dosages.

There are a number of side effects when using Abilify, as can be expected. Tremors, constipation, restlessness, lightheadedness, and sleepiness are typical side effects that may occur as a result of taking schizophrenia medication. Vomiting, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, and headaches are examples of the minor side effects one might experience when taking the drug. Studies have shown that some people have gained weight while taking Abilify.

Abilify can cause some serious side effects as well. Elevated blood pressure or heart rate, profuse perspiration, confusion, shaking, muscle rigidity and high fever are among the symptoms that may occur. Any of the preceding symptoms could be a symptom of neuroleptic malignant syndrome, a sometimes fatal condition associated with antipsychotic medications. Also be on the lookout for uncontrollable or abnormal movements. It is known that elderly patients who take Abilify for dementia and other ailments are at increased risk of stroke. Abilify may increase blood sugar levels, something that diabetics or those at risk of developing diabetes should understand.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of medication, and you and your doctor must decide if Abilify is appropriate to treat your schizophrenia symptoms.

Disclaimer: The previous information is not intended to be medical advice. To obtain further information regarding Abilify, please consult with a qualified professional.