Exercise Your Entertainment Options to Motivate Members

Stepping into some of the newer fitness facilities today is like entering a multi-media showroom. Walls of televisions greet you, while the latest chart-toppers play overhead. Read the rest of this entry »

Diagnosing Fibroids

Based on symptoms and by physical exam, there is a good chance that the doctor will be able to tell if the patient has a fibroid tumor. However, it is important for the doctor to confirm this diagnosis and rule out the possibility that what appears to be a fibroid is really not something more serious, such as an ovarian tumor, a pelvic inflammatory mass or a diverticular inflammatory mass of the colon.

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Reducing Attrition with Group Exercise

Promoting feelings of ‘group’among new memberscan help you tominimizeexercise dropout and reap long-term benefits.

Just about every “bell and whistle” has been tried to prevent member dropout. It is a common belief that the right type of technology will magically transform peoples’ exercise experiences from difficult to rewarding and easy-to-maintain. Also common are incentive programs that attempt to “buy” exercise maintenance with rewards that vary from water bottles to jackets to money. Most prevalent, though, are the numerous methods used to promote “customer loyalty.” Read the rest of this entry »

Training Effects of Varying Slide Board Exercises

In another investigation, subjects were evaluated while performing different slide movements, including the standard, hip flexion, knee flexion and low-profile techniques. The hip flexion and knee flexion slide techniques are adaptations of the standard slide and simply required the raising of the knee (hip flexion) and bending at the knee (knee flexion) when reaching each end of the slide board (contacting the bumper). Read the rest of this entry »

Are We There Yet. Part 2

Pack Heavy
When it comes to packing, forget the old “travel light” mantra of your younger years. Pack lots of extra shirts and underwear for the inevitable accident and a handful of plastic bags to carry damp toothbrushes and dirty clothes. Even a small child can learn to roll clothes to reduce wrinkling.

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Are We There Yet. Part 1

Enjoy Stress-Free Travel With Your Kids

Family vacations usually fall into two categories.

There are the ones that are the stuff of legend, yielding albums of photos and years of giggly reminiscing for one and all.

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METs and Monitoring Exercise Intensity

Q: Are METs better for prescribing and monitoring exercise intensity than target heart rate (THR) or ratings of perceived exertion (RPE)? Read the rest of this entry »