How to Create Great Dialogues With Your Kids Part 2

Another question that seeks specific information is called a focused question. The question might look like this: “What was happening at five o’clock on Saturday?” Starting with a “what” in a sentence usually opens dialogues.

A third question is called a closed question. This one is almost always answered by yes or no, and the answer may be all too familiar to some parents. Read the rest of this entry »

Week 36

In your 36th week of pregnancy, your fetus is 34 weeks old.

The baby weighs about six pounds or 2,750 grams, and it measures more than 13.5 inches or 34 centimeters from crown to rump.

The baby is continuing to grow and fill out during this “finishing period,” even though it may feel like there isn’t any room left. Many of the wrinkles smooth out as he or she plumps up.

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How to Create Great Dialogues With Your Kids Part 1

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our kids more often were willing to share about how they feel and what they think about in their world and in their everyday life experiences? Many kids fear sharing their thoughts and ideas.

We wonder why some kids become shrinking violets and somehow fade away into the woodwork! As parents, we often find ourselves asking them a lot of questions yet have very few (if any) responses. The answers may be as simple as a child who feels intimidated or criticized, and is afraid to put him or herself on the line. Some kids “shut down,” and refuse to open up. We may almost find ourselves “mind-reading” our kids to get answers. We read between the lines so-to-speak. Our hope is that there can be sharing and bonding with great dialogue. Read the rest of this entry »

Maybe It Isn’t A School Problem

What about encouraging students to bring their own lunches from home? Not a great idea. Every last teacher we consulted wholly agreed with Bebell: “Often what kids bring from home is less nutritious than the school lunch — though the kids may like it better. Read the rest of this entry »

Pyrogenium Post 2

Sore bruised feeling (Arn, Bapt)
Aching bones (Eup-p)
Restless; > heat and motion (Rhus-t)
Pains are all < sitting
As if the nails would fly off (Apis) ...and it is probably more than an interesting coincidence that nearly all of the remedies which have falling off of the nails also stand in the front rank in Bright's disease (Boger).
As if he covered the whole bed.
As if crowded with arms and legs. Read the rest of this entry »

Pyrogenium Post 1


Doctor considers that Pyrogenium is related to Calcarea sulphurica. Calcarea sulphurica, she says, is given in some of the books, notably in Kent’s, as one of the great remedies for those cases where the seemingly indicated remedy does not act and for those cases which need to be followed with a deeper influence. Calcarea sulphurica for instance is one of the rare remedies which has hilarity in its mental make-up, particularly towards twilight at 6 p.m. Pyrogenium too, in its first stages, together with loquacity, has great gaiety. Read the rest of this entry »