Olivia Needs to Start Taking the Advice

Olivia continues to ignore the very good advice of her family and friends regarding Malcolm and Nate. Even the advice of wise Aunt Mamie is dismissed faster than you can say no. What has gotten into this woman?

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Test Anxiety

My daughter studies hard for tests but never gets good scores. When I ask her about it, she tells me she “freezes” and can’t remember anything. Is this possible? How can she learn not to freeze on tests?

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Romance on a Budget

What suggestions do you have for a 20-something couple with a small budget and a big need for some romance? We do the dinner-and-movie thing all the time, but we need some serious excitement! HELP!

Nightlife is overrated. Dinner-and-a-movie is the kind of generic, mass-market entertainment that never encourages couples to see themselves in a particular time or place. Watching “Titanic” in a multiplex on the moon is essentially the same experience as watching it in Houston, Texas.

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