Technically a Virgin

When I was 19 years old (and still a virgin), I joined a church that forbid pre-marital sex. During the next 14 years, I only dated men from within the church, and since they followed the same rule, I am still a virgin at age 33. Although I loved the spirituality of the church, last fall I left the church when it become clear to me that I couldn’t support their view of women.

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Summer Options

School’s Out: Summer Options
for Working Parents

With the onset of summer vacation, working parents experience a challenging dilemma: finding a balance between work and family responsibilities while school is out.

The choices for working parents can be mind-boggling, but usually come down to either finding organized summer programs or leaving a school-age child alone. Though the best choice is an appropriate summer program, the combination of financial obligations, conflicting hours, finding acceptable programs and transportation issues can create a great deal of hassle and stress.

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Question of the Week

I am a 32 year old 5’4″ female. I recently weighed myself and found that to my astonishment I now weigh 165 pounds. I put the weight on without really noticing it until I went to do some summer shopping. I was already about 150 pounds before the weight gain. I would like to know what my ideal weight should be for my height and also a healthy diet and exercise regimen to help me reach this desired weight. I also want to add that I had a baby a year ago and during my pregnancy I weighed 175 and I never fully lost all of the weight. Please help me!

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