Welcome to the Real World. Post 2


But maybe things aren’t as grim as they first appear.
A few years ago, a graduating senior could stumble upon a good job more easily than she could stumble across a drunken person at a frat party. So she didn’t need to carefully examine all her options and question her passions and values. There would be time for that later. A few years down the line it would be possible to think through career paths, skip from gig to gig, and eventually settle into something relatively satisfying. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to the Real World. Post 1

Diplomas. Mortar boards. Champagne. Beaming parents. The “real world,” wide open and full of possibilities. And … unemployment.

I remember being a freshman in college and hearing about the wonderful world of glamorous post-graduation jobs. It was the fall of 1999, the peak of the America’s seemingly unending economic boom. Starry-eyed and completely nai”ve, I watched as consulting firms and investment banks, bursting at the seams to hire students, flooded the Dartmouth campus. The annual recruiting rush was a tradition at Dartmouth. Read the rest of this entry »